WolfTeam 8.52

Wolf Team is an online FPS with new concepts and ideas

WolfTeam is a multi-player, first-person shooter developed by Softnyx. If you are tired of the same combination of counter-terrorist vs terrorists in FPS, then maybe this will be of your liking. According to the story, while a vaccine was being made for humans, some people had the secondary effect of becoming a werewolf. The French government establishes a special forces group consisting of people with this condition. So Wolf Team is Counter-terrorists vs terrorists with wolves. In fact the wolves substitute the melee weapon that is normally a knife. There are several modes of game-play: Death-Match, Destruction, Conquest, Wolf Conquest, Ex-Conquest and Ice Hold. Some, like Wolf conquest, have teams consisting of only humans or only wolves. The guns available in the game are nothing from another world, and the game-play is too similar to other FPS. The only new concept is the wolves, which are nice and fun. But the game has a lot of problems, from hacking to an unstable client. Wolf Team is a game for those looking to get out of the routine a little bit.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Good new concepts for an FPS
  • Free


  • Laggy and unstable
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